Currently I’m a Solution Architect at CBANC Network, a collaborative industry-vertical social network for community banks, credit unions, and small-to-medium size financial institutions. We have an all-star team, fantastic management & ownership, and noble goals – I really couldn’t imagine a better place to continue this web software development adventure.

In the winter of 2013 I began developing an agency-antithesis brand under my personal LLC to handle any and all of my individual project work. Really it started as an opportunity for me to define a hypothetical culture “the way it should be” that has now blossomed into what is now SprocketStar. With a dynamic 100% part-time team distributed over 4 cities in 3 time zones SprocketStar provides highly targeted custom technology development and disruptively creative inbound growth hacking. I love the fact that the brand led with defining culture & making SprocketStar something that people just like – which keeps it fun.

In early 2013 I made the personal decision that it was time to move geographically to a larger technology market if I was going to take my career to the next level. I knew there were still many lessons to learn that I would not be exposed to running my own company which would take me from good to great. I met Ryan McLaughlin with Clarity Ventures at the time and the rest of is history. In June 2013 I officially re-located to Austin, TX and joined the Clarity Ventures team as Director of Development. The experience bootstrapping an enterprise B2B eCommerce platform, scaling an exploding client services channel, & building team was unbelievable and exciting challenge.

In late 2007, I co-founded and was a managing partner of M3thod LLC – which operates a bunch of awesome companies, technologies, and incubation projects – the most successful of which was a hybrid web marketing company called atomni. Although atomni as a brand didn’t stand the test of time – getting to start-up a grass-root marketing technology firm with Nick Eubanks and the lessons learned created memories with awesome people & clients in Philadelphia will be always remembered.

Here’s a list of other companies I’ve worked for in the past and what I did there. If you’d like a bit more of an interactive and entertaining experience, reach out to me anytime at or @mike_angstadt.

  • Software Developer

    eMoney Advisor

    June 2007 – January 2009

    • Led software development efforts on implementation of new features in ASP.Net 3.5
    • Designed visualization algorithms for Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Created first generation of an integrated CRM platform

    DescriptionWorking on the development team of eMoney was an awesome experience. Being surrounded with talent & tenacity everyday is a great way to stimulate the creative motivations needed to craft thoughtful, efficient, and exquisite software solutions. I got a ton of great .Net experience here in an impressive legacy code base which prepared me quite well to step into almost any development environment and hit the ground running.

  • Systems & Integration Developer

    Comcast Guideworks

    September 2005 – March 2006

    • Designed interfaces and internal tools for automated testing
    • Developed an automated DirectX failure screen-capture system
    • Worked within a strict Scrum development practicum

    DescriptionComcast: Guideworks was my first real-world experience with Agile development methodologies and definitely shaped how I define a successful development project.

  • Analytical Programmer

    Cozen O’Connor

    September 2004 – March 2005

    • Created automated business processes to streamline accounting productivity
    • Organized and optimized stored procedures in SQL Server Accounting System
    • Implemented Equitrac corporation wide cost recovery system

    DescriptionWorking as the only developer within the accounting department of a huge law firm allowed me great satisfaction in applying automated computer solutions to previously manual problems. The experience honed my abilities of system patterning, recognition and identification of optimization opportunities, and how to facilitate the adoption of new technical processes by non-technical personnel.

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