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Top 4 Mega Menu Myths Dispelled


One of the biggest eCommerce interface collisions between User Experience Gurus, SEO Masters, & Frontend Developers is site navigation. This makes a lot of sense since navigation needs to achieve so many crucial aspects of the structural, functional, & aesthetic

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jQuery Countdown Timer to A Specific Time & Date


There are plenty of awesome countdown timers out there for jQuery – my favorite is the jquery-countdown plug-in. It’s got a bunch of configurable options, a great digits sprite to make it look polished, hosted by Google…but it’s missing one

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Track Product Spec Sheet PDF Downloads in Google Analytics


Most decent eCommerce websites that sell complex products have some sort of downloadable PDF specifications sheet or marketing collateral. The problem with these downloads is that they aren’t automagically tracked in popular infomatic systems like Google Analytics. It turns out

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Chrome Extension for Using Special Characters in Twitter


Download from Chrome Webstore Now The weather in Philadelphia has been absolutely stupendous this Spring. A few weeks ago it was 80° in the beginning of April! This gave obvious cause for many to Tweet about how great the weather

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Design Life Experience First, User Experience Second


There is a lot of discussion around user experience in web technology. The Internet presents a consumer-bias marketplace where there is little to discourage increasingly fickle users to migrate from product to product – so captivating customers, website visitors, and

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Twitter Hot Potato: A New Type of Twitter Promotion


After seeing a tweet the other day from Bill Sebald that linked to this image: I thought to myself – the concept of hot potato the game would be an interesting way to motivate users to re-tweet your content on

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Drag and Drop Easily on Mobile Using This jQuery Plugin


One of the biggest opportunities for creating intense, intuitive, and interactive interfaces has to be the touch screen. By providing a multi-point system for mobile devices, tablets, even some PCs we are adding new variables which exponentially increases the combinations

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